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Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah is a Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Content Creator, model and Activist. Their work is centered around uplifting and platforming the voices of historically marginalised communities be that in their writing, styling and creative direction or in talks given to brands and in educaitional institutions. At 23, Darkwah became Fashion Editor at Gay Times Magazine. In their time at the publication, they increased diversity in casting and representation of people of colour, championed emerging home-grown talent and created a narrative with every shoot they worked on.


Darkwah has now turned their hand to collaborating with brands to advise and aid them in connecting authentically with historically marginalised communities while spreading messages for social justice and positive change. Darkwah is a regular contributor to ShowStudio, Black Entertainment Television & Viacom and served as the first ever Allyship Ambassador for Sleek Makeup. 

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