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A message to all of my non-binary, trans and queer siblings.

I won’t start off by saying happy holidays because this isn’t always a happy time. Instead, I’ll say I hope you are doing as well as you can be right now.

I hope you are giving yourself - in the moments that you can steal - love, kindness, space to heal, space to breathe, time for your body and mind to rest.

I hope this year, despite its hardships has been one where you saw positive moments. I hope you got those moments with others but more importantly, with yourselves.

I speak about connecting authentically with oneself so much, I’m sure it’s something of a broken record in my content but I assure you, it’s the only thing that's kept me going a lot of the time. And when shit hits the fan and you feel like you’ve nowhere to turn or rather, you don’t want to go anywhere and want to try and figure it out yourself, your connection with you and your inner voice is the thing that will pull you through.

To all of my siblings, don’t ever stop yourselves. Dream big and shoot hard for that dream. If you miss the sun, you’ll land on the moon, and if you miss that by a little, there’s a cloud or two that will catch you.

Explore yourselves - FEARLESSLY. Whether it’s in your bedroom, on a night out with trusted friends or simply by imagining all the yous that you could be and slowly bringing them to existence. Give yourself all the room in the world to exist in a million ways. So when you do want to branch out, those boxes that society built are nothing but cups you sip from.

You are not to be limited. You are a giant. You are a Deity.

Speak your truth.

Your voice is valid.

You are the only person in the world who sees things and feels things the way you do because you are unique. There is only one of you and to lose your voice in history would be a shame.

Know that you deserve love. And while you may be lonely now, there’s a whole lot of love you need to give to yourself before any person comes into your life and gives love to you.

I hope wherever you are, as you read this, a letter that I wrote for you but also for myself, that you feel a little bit energized. A little bit stronger. A little bit more compassionate to yourself.

We may not know one another, we may not be in the same town, city or country, but I love you. You are my community. You are my sibling.

Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay loving and caring always.

Your sibling,



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