Fortify yourself.


It's been a minute, hasn't it?

Apologies for not having been around lately. There's been a lot of work on, which I'm very happy about. It has meant, however, that I've been low on refuelling myself with my own energy.

I thought it would read better than it sounded - it didn't but I'm sticking with those words - 'refuelling myself with my own energy'.

Have you noticed a slight electricity in the air again? Spring is doing her thing and as we get nearer to the world opening up again (in whatever new iteration of what we once knew to be normal), things are feeling pretty peppy. They're also starting to make me slightly anxious so if you're anxious and reading this, we're in this together babes.

It's all fab, but also kind of overwhelming, no? The rushing about is soon to start up again. Events in venues, eating out in restaurants... All of a sudden, we'll be leaving our cocoons and be faced with the energy of everyone moving through the city.

After all this time inside, honestly, leaving the house can be a very daunting thought so again, you're not alone if you feel that way. I've recently started doing something that has helped with my anxiety the few times I need to get up and go. I do it to really be in tune with myself. I do it so that when I go out into the world, I am giving off energy and sharing my light as opposed to absorbing the many energies circulating in the air. I do it so even in the most chaotic and turbulent situations, I can be a place of calm for myself and those around me.

Here's what it is:

When I wake up in the morning, I don't speak.

I don't listen to any music with lyrics. No news.

I don't check my phone for notifications or messages that I need to respond to from the night before.

I play healing frequencies and just sit with myself for a little. Maybe stretch if the feeling takes me.

Write in my journal any thoughts I may have. If anything comes to mind by way of tasks I'd like to complete in the day, I note them down too. I commune with myself. Just myself.

This silence is so important because only in this silence can you really hear your own voice.

At first it's uncomfortable and odd. You tend to look at yourself as though having an out of body experience and you hear yourself asking "why am I doing this?", "what does this do for me?" or saying "there are so many things I could be getting on with right now..."

Here's the thing, though. You're saying all of that to yourself because of the perception of productivity placed upon us all by the world. It is thought that the ability to get up and get straight into work is admirable. The fact that you can hop up out of bed and be ready for a business meeting, client call or had out to pick up samples right away makes you superhuman, right?

Not so much...

It works for a while. Everyone wonders how you do it and you revel in the question being asked so much too. The problem is, though, after a while, you start to wonder how you do it and with that, wonder (and then start to see) what you're missing in order to be this 'superperson'.

The less time you give yourself, the less time you feel you deserve.

If you eating a meal is always rushed because you're running back to work which is your main priority, you're telling yourself your sustenance is not as important as your work. If you find yourself not taking a bathroom break despite needing it because you'd rather finish an email, you're telling yourself, your natural bodily functions which keep you balanced in so many more ways than issues pertaining to the bladder and bowels are unimportant and will be on hold until you finish your work, which is your main priority.

In all of this, I ask you - where do you rank as a priority?

If you are top of your list, then I think you should also be top of your day's doings.

Give yourself that time in the morning. Connect with yourself. Tell yourself that you will do your best to care for and support yourself when you need to. Starting your day with you as a priority and sitting with just your thoughts lets you fill up on you. It lets you sense where you may be feeling stronger and or weaker and thus allows you to know where you need to have more patience for yourself. It allows you to know the sound of your voice so later in the day, should you feel the need to remove yourself from a situation, you can with confidence. It allows you to know how to check in with yourself and take the necessary actions in increasing your comfort, bettering your communication with others and just existing presently in whatever space you're in.

The only way you can go out into the world and be a good support for others, is if you know how to also do that for yourself. Or as my birthday twin, RuPaul says "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?"

Love yourself a little more.

Spend time with yourself.

Cherish yourself.

You deserve it.

(And it makes life hella easy!)

Hope you have a good week!

D x


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