Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month To You.

You who taught me how to dress like myself.

Who taught me to feel and express myself unapologetically

Happy Pride Month to you who continues to grow in yourself

Blossoming like the beautiful flower that you are

Happy Pride month to you who is a continuous source of love and support for all around you

To you who show boundless creativity and give yourself over - fully - wholly

And do such a beautiful job of it.

Happy Pride month to you who LOVE - yourselves, your family, your friends,

Happy Pride Month to you who continually chooses to live, thrive, grow.

Happy Pride Month to you all.

You - the community that has helped me become me

The community that comes together online and in person

Too make change, to celebrate, to comfort, to speak truth to power.

Happy Pride month to you all.

You are incredible. Inside and out.

You are beautiful - no matter what stage of your journey you are on.

There is nothing wrong about you. There is nothing wrong with you.

You are truly amazing.

All you have been through. All you have pulled yourself through.

All you have surmounted and overcome.

Take Pride in all that you are, dream and work towards all that you want to be.

You are deserving of all the good things that come your way.

You are special.

You are love and you are LOVED.

Happy Pride month to you all.


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