I'm Non-Binary. Not Androgynous.

I feel like a lot of the time, non-binary people are expected to be androgynous.

I've gotten messages asking how I can be non-binary when I look so masculine - when my form is so masculine?

The idea that due to the fact that we aren't one or the other, we must sit in the middle and blur the line effortlessly and consistently at all times is ridiculous and exhausting.

Androgyny, according to Wikipedia, is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics into an ambiguous form. Now, that definition relies on the form to be ambiguous. The physicality.

My gender identity does not rely on my physicality or beter still, how others read my phisicality / physical appearance. It is something that is felt. That feeling of discomfort when someone calls you "man". The twist in your stomach when you're filling in an online form and you can't find the option that makes you feel comfortable - seen.

Androgyny, is mainly about appearance. It is a description that has a widely and potentially subconsciously accepted image. A non-binary person can choose to look androgynous but they can also dress any way they want; build or not build their body any way they want; grow or not grow their hair any way they want - you get the gist, right?

I wanted to write this not to preach to anyone but to make the difference known so if in your lives, someone comes out as non-binary, you don't end up triggering them by making them have to justify or prove the fact that they are non-binary.

We can present any way that we want.

The possibilities between the binaries are literally endless.

D. x


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